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Established in 2013, Hair India, (https://www.hairindia.co) is an Indian firm that offers a one-stop non-surgical solution to all hair problems for men & women. We are manufacturer and promoters of our own brand without any chain of distributors and middlemen. Hair India brings with it a wealth of resources of knowledge and experience in areas related to its business. 

Hair India caters to a range of hair users from fashion freaks to necessity wearers. Our versatile and durable styles are aimed at creating a variety of stunning looks with that added sophestication. Using Remy & Vergin hair and other high grade ingredients, we stand high apart from the crowd. On the other hand our affordable & reasonable pricing helps us to serve wider segment of customers.



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Sep 23, 2006

Hair Extensions : An old art with Indian touch

Hair extensions, once a well-kept beauty secret, have evolved over centuries to become an integral part of the global beauty industry. In India, a ...

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Jan 23, 2026

Why hair extensions ?

Hair extensions have long been associated with enhancing beauty, but their impact goes far beyond aesthetics. For those battling cancer, hair exten...

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