A: Absolutely! These extensions are heat-friendly, allowing you to curl, straighten, or style them as desired. However, we recommend using a low to medium heat setting to ensure their longevity.

A: With proper care and maintenance, these extensions can last up to 8-12 months. Avoid excessive heat and harsh chemicals to ensure their vibrant color and quality.

A: We do not recommend further dyeing or altering the color of these extensions, as they are already carefully crafted in a wide range of vibrant hues.

A: Double drawn hair refers to a meticulous process where shorter hairs are manually removed from the bundle, resulting in consistent thickness from root to tip. This creates a fuller, more voluminous look, enhancing the overall quality and appearance of the extensions.

Colored Hair Streaks (14 Inches, Double Drawn)

₹800 - 1100

Elevate your style with our vibrant Coloured Hair Streaks. Crafted with precision, these coloured hair streaks offer a pop of personality and flair to your look. Available in an array of bold and dynamic shades, from electric blues to fiery reds, there's a hue to suit every mood and occasion. Made from human hair, they blend seamlessly with your natural hair, providing a striking yet natural finish. Whether you're aiming for a dramatic statement or a subtle accent, our Coloured Hair Extensions are a versatile accessory for any hairstyle. Transform your locks and express your unique style with these stunning coloured hair streaks.

Available in a stunning spectrum of ten distinct hues, each shade is carefully selected to cater to a wide range of individual styles and preferences. Crafted with precision, these extensions undergo a meticulous double drawn process, ensuring consistent thickness from root to tip.

Vibrant Variety: Available in an expansive palette of ten striking colors, ensuring there's a shade to match every style and occasion.

Double Drawn Excellence: Each extension undergoes a meticulous process, ensuring consistent thickness from root to tip for a fuller, more voluminous look.

Heat-Friendly and Versatile: These extensions can be styled with heat tools, allowing for a wide range of creative looks and expressions.

Long-Lasting Quality: With proper care and maintenance, these extensions maintain their vibrant color and impeccable quality, lasting up to an year or more.




Size:20 Inches,14 Inches,

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