Silk toppers exhibit a scalp-like appearance due to their parting design, which prevents visible hair knots. Alternatively, the knots and lace of lace toppers are visible when viewed up close. The silk toppers consist of two layers of netting, with each individual strand knotted onto the bottom layer of the lace and pulled through a top layer of fine nylon, which resembles silk. This intricate process is time-consuming and makes them look seamless. In contrast, the lace toppers are fashioned from a single layer of lace with knotted hair, making them a more cost-effective option.

The size of the topper you pick depends on your area of hair thinning. The best way to ensure you get the right size is by measuring the area of concern and getting a topper that is an inch or two wider than that so that you can grip the topper to your hair properly.

If the hair topper is securely attached without causing any tension to the natural hair, there is no cause of concern. However, for those with fragile hair follicles that may experience discomfort from the clip-in attachment, we strongly advise the use of our Topper Hold with adjustable band. This would effectively reduce pressure on the natural roots while ensuring a secure fit for the hair topper.

All of our hair toppers are made at our workshop. The bases of our toppers are thoughtfully designed, our toppers are artistically crafted, diligently knotted with 100% human Remy hairs. Our toppers are unlike the standard PU-based toppers commonly found in the market. We take great care to ensure that only one hair strand is knotted in each grid of the lace, resulting in a more fine and natural appearance. Our commitment to enhancing our products with each iteration and attention to detail sets us apart and makes our products distinctive and premium. We keep updating our products on the basis of our customers feedback.

3"x5" Lace Hair Toppers

₹7000 - 8000

Our Hair Toppers are artistically crafted, diligently knotted & promise to restore your feminine flair and beauty if you are struggling with hair loss or thinning hair for whatsoever reason. In India, where long & voluminous hair is synonyms to beauty & femininity, Hair India Toppers are an excellent solution for women who want to restore fullness & volume of their hair. Our lace base is thin & breathable. Crafted like very natural hair line, our lace toppers give a scalp-like appearance which makes your overall hairstyle look incredibly real. Our Lace Hair Toppers can help transform your look and boost your confidence in a matter of seconds.

  • Natural Look: Our Lace Toppers are perfect to give you the most natural look like real human scalp.
  • Breathable & safe: The base of our clip-on hair topper allows your scalp to breathe easy.
  • Comfortable: Our Lace base toppers lay flat on your head without causing any discomfort.
  • Seamless Blend: As our Lace Toppers are made off 100% human hair, it blends perfectly with your natural hair.
  • Easy To style: Just like natural hair, our Lace Toppers can be styled easily like curling, straightening, etc.
  • Long Use: The 4 soft clips on the base, allow the hair topper to stay in place safely and comfortably all day long.



Color:Natural Black,Jet Black,Dark Brown,

Size:20 Inches,16 Inches,

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