A: Our range of Clip-in Extensions effectively enhances hair volume and caters to different styling preferences as well.

The 1-set volumizer comprises a single strip with four clips designed to be placed at the back of the head, from ear to ear, to augment volume in that area.

The 2 set volumizer, on the other hand, consists of two pairs of two clip extensions that can be positioned on either sides to increase volume on the front sections or the back to increase volume behind.

For an all-in-one volumizing solution, we offer the 3-set package, which includes the 1-set and 2-set Clip-in Extensions. These can be used collectively to increase overall volume or individually to supplement volume as required by your styling needs.

A: Our extensions are made entirely of 100% human hair, hence they can be styled with heating tools, just like your natural hair, to achieve your desired look.

If you want to switch up the colour to a lighter or a darker shade, consider visiting a professional instead of colouring them at home. Only the jet-black extensions can’t be re-coloured because they are coloured using a permanent dye.

A: Do not cut your extension into smaller bits as this might lead to excessive shedding of hair and would make the extensions unusable.

Three Set Clip-on Hair Extension

₹9500 - 15000

Hair India (Hi) human hair volumizer set is here to transform your hairs from flat to fabulous in no time. Artistically crafted from 100% human hair, this volumizer set is designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, giving you a flawless and effortless look that'll turn heads. Our hair extensions are made with the finest quality human hair that's tangle-free, making it easy to maintain and style. These volumizers are available in various shades and colours to match your unique style, are light, comfortable, and breathable and can be curled, straightened & coloured. These Clip-in volumizers are DIY and will transform your look giving you the fuller, luscious hair you always wanted. Whether you're looking to add volume for a special occasion or simply want to switch up your style, our volumizer is the ultimate solution. Our range offers a variety of options to help you achieve the desired volume in any part of your hair. One-set, Two-set, Three-set & 7-Set volumizers. In addition, you have option of customizing your volumizer as well.

One-Set is 4-clip, ear to ear volumizer for the back, Two-set consists of two pieces of 3-clip volumizers for your both sides, Three-Set includes one for the back & two sets for the sides & 7-Set includes one set 4-clip ear to ear, two sets of 3-clip, two sets of 2-clip & two sets of 1-clip volumizers for the full head.

  •       100% human hair extensions
  •       Clip-in hair extensions of premium quality
  •       Quick, comfortable, and easy to style.
  •       Gives you longer and fuller hair instantly.



Color:Natural Black,Dark Brown,

Size:24 Inches,20 Inches,16 Inches,

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