A: If you are looking to cover up small thinning area of your scalp or if you want to add a little more volume to low volume areas, then this invisible hair patch is the right choice.

A: It is best suited for thinning hair, as it is designed to blend in with the existing hair and provide coverage for bald spots. Since the clip of the patch is fixed at the root of existing hair, it cannot be applied on the scalp where there is no hair at all.

A: It is very important to ensure proper application of the invisible hair patch. If the invisible patch is applied & removed correctly & gently, it will not damage your natural hair. To check the correctness of installation please ensure that they are not pulling or tugging at the roots. 

A: Yes, as it is made up of real hair you can use straightener as well as curler according to your need.

A: If used with care and prescribed instructions are followed, it can last for 1-2 years and even more.

Most of our extensions & patches are designed in DIY pattern with clip-based system for effortless use. To apply, gently press the sides of the clips to open, & position the patch in your hair and press the sides of the clip inside. Now, check whether lock has been properly applied. It allows easy & convenient attachment with minimum effort. (Pls see Video)

Invisible Two-Clip Hair Patch, Natural Black

₹2000 - 2700

The Hair India (Hi) Invisible Hair Patches are artistically crafted to create a natural appearance as if the hair is growing from the roots naturally. The front portion of each patch is hand knotted that gives it a seamless, undetectable finish. These unique hair patches are an excellent solution if you are looking to add volume and cover hair thinning areas with a subtle and natural looking enhancement. You can wear any hairstyle and yet give yourself a youthful twist with short locks around your forehead. Whether you want loose weaves or trendy curls, options are endless especially when you are in need of a custom style.

✓ Seems like hair is coming from the roots
✓ Patch lay flat against your head
✓ Can be coloured, curled & treated
✓ Virtually invisible to detect



Color:Natural Black,Dark Brown,

Size:18-20 Inches,14-16 Inches,

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