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We are manufacturer and promoters of our own brand without any chain of distributors and middlemen. Hair India brings with it a wealth of resources of knowledge and experience in areas related to its business. 

Hair India caters to a range of hair users from fashion freaks to necessity wearers. Our versatile and durable styles are aimed at creating a variety of stunning looks with that added sophestication. Using Remy & Vergin hair and other high grade ingredients, we stand high apart from the crowd. On the other hand our affordable & reasonable pricing helps us to serve wider segment of customers.

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Getting ready for an occation or a special event. Wearing hair everyday or only on special days. We have all the answers you need. adfsdtyfu

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  • Getting ready for an occassion or a special event. Wearing hair everyday or only on special days. We have all the answers you need. adfsdtyfu

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Each wig is hand made & its the work of a professional

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Watch how we make the hair style you need with the latest techniques. We make hair extensions and wigs as natural as possible and comfortable to you.

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Yes we sure do have a return policy. If  yo udo not like our products and feel like returning, we can arrange that. Of course , we would expect the products to be in good shape at the time of return. 

When it comes to hair extensions, the choice between Remy Indian hair and artificial hair is a significant decision. Each has its own set of characteristics, advantages, and limitations. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the differences between Remy Indian hair and artificial hair and how to make the right choice for your hair extension needs.

You an refer to our blog for more details Tips & Tops Hair Solutions ( 

Brush your hair topper using your fingers, a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb to make sure it is smooth & tangle free.

Gently and lightly tease the hair around the thinning area on your head where the clips will be attached. This will allow the hair topper to attach to your hair and have a more secure hold.

Open the tic-tac clips & place the hair topper over the area you want to apply it on.

Secure the clips in place, and lightly press on them to hold the hair topper in place.

Brush the hair topper to blend it with your natural hair and it is undetectable.

Style the hairs as you prefer.


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